About our mentoring scheme

Our mentoring scheme is designed to bridge the knowledge gap between those under the age of 25 and board members / senior executives and politicians, U25 Mentoring will help leaders stay up to date with the way the younger generations use digital technology in their everyday lives. The mentoring will consist of monthly meetings of one hour sessions lasting for one year. During the sessions the under 25 mentor will provide information to their respective mentee (a board member, senior executive or politician) on selected topics, covering the new and growing roles of digital technology in our daily lives. Digital technology has, is and will continue to change the way future generations interact with the world and each other, meaning business leaders and politicians must keep up.

The U25 Idea

U25 Mentoring is a cross-generational, upwards mentoring scheme with global reach. The scheme is designed to close the knowledge gap between 18 - 25 year olds and the board members, senior executives and politicians who are the decision makers. Digital technology is something that the younger generations use in their everyday lives habitually. This knowledge needs to be passed on as digital technology has, is and will affect the way businesses are run as well as the way future potential buyers and clients interact with the world and each other. During an interview we conducted with a large retail company, upon being asked what changes digital technology had made to their business, one board member asserted that the Internet had ''made no difference whatsoever''.